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Knee Brace Basic provides light compression and heat for light inflammation and overuse injuries in the knee.
Knee brace with open patella
An anatomical designed knee brace with open patella for light stability and compression for a painful knee.
Knee brace for Osteoarthritis
Knee Brace CoTex Basic for Osteoarthritis. Light stabilization of the knee joint optimal for osteoarthritis in the knee joint
Knee Brace Meniscus Basic
Knee support CoTex Meniscus - for meniscus injuries
Knee Brace Meniscus
CoTex Stable Meniscus knee brace with hinges and unique Menicus pads for optimal treatment of an injured meniscus
Knee orthosis with metal stays
Co-Tex Light is a knee orthosis equiped with a double hinge for extra stability of the knee joint.
wrap around knee bracewrap around knee orthosis
Wrap around Knee Brace for easy application - the unique solution for older people with knee problems
Knee Brace U
Knee Brace U with flexible metal stays and a stabilizing patella pad. Stability for the knee and patella in the same knee brace.
Wrap around knee support
Wrap around Knee Brace for good stability and easy application.
Knee Brace ACL Knee brace hyper extension
A unique knee brace for optimal stability and and function for ACL injuries with a unique design and construction.
Knee brace ACL Knee orthosis for ACL injuries
Knee Brace ACL CoTex LIGA X for stability and controll after ACL injury (Anterior Crucial Ligament) and Medial and Lateral ligament injuries.
knee orthosis for hyper extension Knee orthosis for ACL injuries
Knee orthosis LIGA ROM is a unique hinged knee brace for optimal stability for ACL and PCL injuries.
knee brace knee brace ATOM

Knee brace ATOM provides extra stabilitet and control for an injuried kneejoint with ACL/PCL and or MCL/ LCL injuries 

Knee Orthosis for ACL injuries
F2 is a unique knee orthosis specially designed for ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL ligament injuries optimal for skiing, ice hockey after injury.
knee brace ACL

Knee brace PP3 is a lightweight extreme stabile knee brace indicated for ACL/PCL and MCL/LCL injuries in the knee joint. 

Knee Strap
Knee strap for jumper's Knee is an effective knee strap that relieves the painful area in case of jumper’s knee.
Optimal Knee Strap with the same principle as taping but with an unique innovative solution
Knee brace Osgood-Schlatters diseaseKnee support schlatter
An anatomical knee brace to relieve pain in cases of Osgood-Schlatters disease and problems with the patella tendon.
Knee Brace for Schlatter Osgood Schlatter Knee Brace

Extra Stabile Knee brace for Osgood Schlatter Disease - optimal function and stability.

Knee brace for a dislocated patella
Knee brace for Patella luxation. Provides optimal stability for a dislocated kneecap.
Genum Stab is an anatomical patella stabilizing brace to prevent patella dislocation...
Knee Brace Basic Sport
The Knee Brace for all kinds of sports.Provides light stability, compression and optimal heat insulating
Knee brace sport with open patella
Knee Brace Sport for light stability, compression and optimal heat isolation
beige knee brace
Knee Brace Basic Beige stabilizing a painful and unstable knee
knee brace with metal hinges
The optimal knee brace for ligament injuries in the knee both MCL and LCL. The dual axis hinge provides optimal stability...
Knee Brace with silicone pad provides effective stabilization of an unstable and painful knee during e.g. osteoarthritis problems and provides extra stability for the patella.
Knee brace TriTex open patella design
Knee brace with Open Patella and anatomical fit designed specifically to relieve and stabilize a painful knee joint.
A very shock absorbing knee brace designed to meet all demands for an optimal volley ball brace
Swedish National Handball Team knee protection in junior sizes