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PF8™ compression foot sleeve prevents and relieves symptoms of plantar fasciitis, bone spur, heel pain, fat pads syndrome and general arch pain.


Tulis heel cup provides effective shock absorption in cases of heel pain, works in all shoes. 

heel cup HD heel cup
Unique heel cup Tulis HD for optimal shock absorbtion of a painful heel
Unique heel wedge designed to provide improved cushioning

Unique Bone Spur Wedge for effective painless treatment of Bone Spur. 
The Bone Spur Wedge provides effective shock absorption and can be used in all shoes.


Effective relief for heel pain
This multi function wedge provides effective shock absorption

Pronation insole with a unique overpronation wedge to prevent over pronation in the foot. The insole prevents overpronation effectively and provides shock absorption at the same time. Ideal for runners as well as daily life.

A shock absorbing insole can turn the hardest shoe into a comfortable jogging shoe.

An effective heel protection that relieves, absorbs shock and treats painful heels

Extra shock absobtion for the marathon runner as well as for the casual jogger or daily wear