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Elbow support EpiCon

Elbow support for treatment of tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow or RSI (repetitive strain injury) from use of computer mouse. Read more

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An anatomical elbow support for painful elbows, with a wide range of applications.
The elbow support combines a warming elbow support with a relieving tennis elbow bandage, all in one product.

Owing to the unique construction the support gives effective relief and delivers warmth, compression and pain relief as support to tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and RSI caused by computer mouse.
The elbow support is made from warming NeoTex, a material that delivers compression and stability for optimal user comfort.
NeoTex helps to locally increase the blood flow in the elbow joint, which works as a pain relief.
To achieve best possible user comfort, the elbow support is designed in an anatomical way and it has four openings for ventilation in the bend of the arm, which makes the product incredibly supple and smooth. 

The supplied relieving Epi strap gives a unique and effective relief to inflamed tendons and could, according to what is needed, easily be regulated to increase or decrease the relieving effect.
To further optimize the relief effect there is a movable pelotte (cushion) placed over the muscle belly under the Epi strap.

The strap and the pelotte can easily be moved around and adjusted according to what is needed.
Normal fit of the pelotte and the stabilizing Epi strap is around 5 cm below the tennis elbow’s point of pain and on the forearm’s muscle belly.
The movements of the wrist cause tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and RSI from computer mouse. To optimize the relieving effect of the support it should be placed over the correct spot of the muscle that is most activated during wrist movements.
Put your hand over the forearm of the arm in pain, wiggle your wrist up and down and you will clearly feel which muscle is affected by the movement.

Place the relieving pelotte of the elbow support over the muscle and tighten the Epi strap.
If the relief effect is not needed the strap and the pelotte can easily be removed.
Adjustable width for upper arm and forearm provides excellent user comfort.
The complete elbow support for effective treatment of a painful tennis elbow.

SizeCircumference Measure around the elbow (cm)
X-Small20 - 23 cm
Small23 - 25 cm
Medium25 - 28 cm
Large28 - 31 cm
X-Large31 - 33 cm
XX-Large33 - 36 cm
Measurement instructions

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