Back brace universal for light support of the lower back

Back Brace Universal

The Back Brace that suits everyone. The universal design secures optimal function no matter of the waist size. Heat isolating NeoTex provides stability and pain relief in the lower back. Read more

  • Unique Universal Design
  • Stability and compression optimal for lumbago
  • Heat isolating NeoTex
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As the pain in cases of e.g. lumbago is often located centrally over the lumbar back, the back support is made of a warming material, NeoTex, sewn in over the problem area of the lumbar spine.
NeoTex is a warm and lightweight stabilizing material that locally softens and relieves painful problem areas in cases of e.g. lumbago.
NeoTex also contributes to increased local blood flow over the back muscles, which directly acts as analgesic.
During colder periods of the year NeoTex isolates the lumbar spine and prevents cooling of the lower back that can often increase the problem and stiffen the muscles.
The unique design of the back support provides effective stabilization of the pain area and helps to counteract the commonly collapsed posture that often occurs when the back is sore.
Due to the additional stabilizing straps the back support offers very good possibilities for adjusting the degree of stability depending on the need of support.
Some days more support is needed and the back support Universal allows individual adaptation according to current needs.

The additional stabilizing straps of the back support attach easily and smoothly to the stomach with Velcro and gives the back support its unique abilities for individual adjustment.
The back support fits all waist sizes from 27,5" - 44"
Use a T-shirt underneath the backrest to reduce the need to wash the back support.

SizeCircumference Measure around your waist (cm)
Universal25.5" - 44"
Measurement instructions

Q. Can the universal brace be used for everyone no matter of waist size? 
A. No the back brace has limitations but works perfect for waist measurements between 25.5" - 44"

Q. Can the back brace be adjusted with more or less support
A. Yes, you can increase och decrease the level of support provided by the brace due to the extra stabilizing straps on the side of the back brace


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