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posture strap for better postureposture strap back SLIM 8 posture strap
The new SLIM 8 is a posture strap designed to prevent bad posture without any limitations. The posture strap can be used at any occasion at work, in the gym o under a shirt without being noticed
The Unique Posture Vest provides a natural posture. The Posture vest unloads a painful neck, shoulder and upper spine...
posture support for better postureposture support

Posture Support - Get better posture today with the low profile dynamic posture support.

The Back Brace that suits everyone. The universal design secures optimal function no matter of the waist size. Heat isolating NeoTex provides stability and pain relief in the lower back.
Lumbar OrthosisLumbar OrthosisLumbar Orthosis

Solace Lumbar Orthosis has a unique and innovative design for lower profile and optimal level of stability. The construction supports high level of customization for optimal function and comfort.

back braceBack BraceBack brace with hinges
The stabile back brace Dorsum X provides optimal stability and pain relief for low back pain. The back brace has four dynamic plastic stays placed in the lower back for extra support
back support

Back support for stability and pain relief in the lower back
The unique design provides effective stability and unloads the lower back area effectivly


Back brace Sport for treatment of a painful back
The protection warms and stabilizes the lumbar spine in cases of problems with e.g. lumbago 

Stable Back brace
Stabile Back Brace for treatment of a painful lumbar area The back brace provides stability, compression and optimal heat insulation

Light back support for mild stabilization of a tired back.
The back support has a very low profile and is very discreet. 

Sacroiliac beltSacroiliac belt
The sacroiliac belt is developed to stabilize the pelvic area during pregnancy in cases of SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) The sacroiliac belt has two extra stabilizing straps for extra efficient stability during pregnancy
EXTO™ stable

The EXTO Stable brace is designed to be used for vertebral compression fractures due to osteoporosis. It can also be used to decrease kyphosis and to stabilize the spine to enhance postural stability.