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Ankle brace

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DSO combines effective stability for an injured ankle with the lowest possible profile Unique construction and low profile.
Ankle brace BOA is an anatomical designed ankle brace with optimal stability for a sprained ankle with a unique design for a glove like fit...
The ankle brace that has it all – flexibility and optimal stability for a sprained ankle
Ankle Brace AA T2 one of the most popular ankle braces for all sports and activities
ankle strap
Ankle support Figure 8 strap – providing excellent stability for a sprained ankle
Ankle orthosis AIR provides effective stability and compression during an acute phase after an sprained ankle
The Achilles tendon support is made of NeoTex, a material that provides heat, compression and stability
Ankle brace Malleum CoTex with silicon pads for optimal compression
Unique ankle orthosis combines compression and stability for an injured ankle.

Element® Sport Ankle is a very innovative ankle brace designed as a a hybrid between a hard shell orthosis and a soft ankle brace. 

Calf support with a unique anatomical design for optimal compression and heat to an injured lower leg muscle ideal to use during sports activites.