Sacroiliac belt specifically designed to relieve problems and pain during pregnancy
Sacroiliac belt Sacroiliac belt

Sacroiliac belt | Pregnancy belt

The sacroiliac belt is developed to stabilize the pelvic area during pregnancy in cases of SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) The sacroiliac belt has two extra stabilizing straps for extra efficient stability during pregnancy Read more

  • Unique anatomical design
  • Two extra stabilizing straps
  • Extra stabile | extra effective
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Pregnant women often experience problems with the pelvic floor during pregnancy, so called SPD, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.
The pelvic joint naturally stretches during the pregnancy and causes often problems such as severe pain, instability and problems with normal movement during the pregnancy. 

The sacroiliac belt is specifically designed to relieve problems and pain in the SI joint during pregnancy. The sacroiliac belt provides extra effective adjustable compression over the pelvic area thanks to the anatomical design. The sacroiliac belt is manufactured of highly elastic MCC, a soft but strong microfiber for optimal function and comfort during usage. The pregnancy sacroiliac belt is equipped with two extra stabilizing straps covering both sides of the pelvic area. The extra stabilizing straps provides the optimal ability for individual adjustments in line with the required need and can easily increase or decrease the level of support provided by the sacroiliac belt. 
Increase the compression of the straps in order to increase the level of support provided by the sacroiliac belt. Due to the unique design the adjustment of the sacroiliac belt the adjustments can easily be done with a one-hand grip. 

The sacroiliac belt is also designed to provide an extra lumbar support in order to provide additional compression and support in the lower back area. The anatomical sacroiliac belt includes a detachable lumbar pad that provides extra support, compression and comfort for the pregnant user. The lumbar area of the sacroiliac belt is equipped with two stays in order to support in the best possible way.

The sacroiliac belt can, due to its ultra low profile, easily be worn underneath clothes with minimal visibility.  The sacroiliac belt has low profile hook and loop closure for easy application and adjustment.

SizeCircumference Measure around your waist
Small 27,5" - 31,5"
Medium31,5" - 35,5"
Large35,5" - 39,3"
X-Large39,3" - 43,3"
XX-Large43,3" - 47,5"
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