Posture Support for better posture
posture support for better posture posture support

Posture Support

Posture Support - Get better posture today with the low profile dynamic posture support.

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  • Optimal Posture Support
  • Prevents shoulders from falling forward
  • Stabilize the entire upper body
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A unique and effective posture support that helps from day one.
A bad posture affects the neck, shoulders and upper back very negative and is often one main issue for problems in the upper back, shoulders and neck.

Our posture  posture support helps to support the thoracic spine and improves posture immediately.
The posture support is manufactured of high compression MCM, a breathable micro fibre for optimal function. 
The long shoulder straps are attached in to a stabilizing back plate in order to effectively help to stabilize the shoulders from falling forward.
The shoulder strap has a unique adaptability can be tightened individually in order to achieve optimal stability.

The amount of support can be easily adjusted by increase or decrease the tension on the strap.
Rotated shoulders affects the entire upper body and the shoulder straps are a very effective way to prevent and to provide a normal upright posture. 

 The posture support features a lower waist strap in order to secure and stabilize the back plate of the posture support. 
A posture support is reminder support which gives you an solution for permanently better posture without support.
Thanks to the extremely low profile, the support can be used under existing clothes with a very discreet look. 

The measurement is taken around the upper part of your waist

SizeCircumference Measure around the upper part of your waist cmCircumference Measure around the upper part of your waist inch
Youth - 70 cm- 27,5 Inch
Small/Medium70 - 90 cm27,5 - 35 Inch
Large90 - 100 cm35 - 39 Inch
X-Large100 - 110 cm39 - 43 Inch
Measurement instructions

Q. I experience that my shoulders is "falling forward" when I get tired in my upper back. Can the posture vest be a good solution for me. 
A. Yes, the posture vest will prevent your soulders from falling forward and will directly affect your body postion including neck, shoulders and thoracic spine. 

Q. There are two tubes in the delivery of my posture vest. Do I need to use them? 
A. No, the tubes can be used if you need additonal pressure-relief in your armpit. If you don't you can remove them. 

Q. Do I wear the posture vest direct on the skin? 
A. We recommend that you use a t-shirt or something similar underneath the posture vest in order to save some washing as you normally wash your t-shirt everyday. 

Q. How do I wash the posture vest? 
A. The recommendation is 30* handwash and we recommend to wah the posture vest weekly. Make sure that you close the hook and loop when you wash in order to protect it.

Q. How do I apply the vest in order to achive different levels of posture support? 
A. Depending on how hard your tighten the shoulder straps the posture vest will give different levels of posture support. Below you'll find an tension chart that indicates where you should grip the shoulder strap in order to get different support profiles before you cross them in the back 

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