Bone Spur Wedge for pain relief of bone spur

Bone Spur Wedge

Unique Bone Spur Wedge for effective painless treatment of Bone Spur. 
The Bone Spur Wedge provides effective shock absorption and can be used in all shoes.

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  • Unload Bone Spur
  • Optimal Shock Absorption
  • Optimal for all Shoes
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The unique Bone Spur wedge is designed to unload both heel spur as well as plantar fasciitis in the same product. 
Bone Spur Wedge has a unique design and material that provides effective pain relief and shock-absorption for painful bone spur. 
The heel wedge is designed to absorb most of the load around the heel and to minimize in particular the load and pressure direct over the painful heel spur. 

The Bone Spur Wedge is designed as left and right in order to provide an effective medial unload in cases of plantar fasciitis. The Bone Spur Wedge is made of viscoelastic polymer VEP, a very shock absorping material with a natural adhesive surface. The adhesive surface prevents the Bone Spur Wedge from moving in the shoes during usage.
If the Bone Spur Wedge becomes dirty it may lose its adhesive surface, in order to restore the adhesive surface, wash the bone spur wedge in warm water with mild soap and let the wedge air dry. 
The Bone Spur wedge should be used in both shoes in order to avoid uneven wear.

Indications: Heel pains like heel spur, plantar fasciitis or when there is a need to unload the heel bone.


SizeShoesize Men UK Shoe Size Women UK
Small- 63 - 6
Medium6 1/2 - 96 1/2 - 9
Large9 - 9 -

Q. I have combined problems with both Bone Spur and Plantar Faschiitis, can I use this wedge?
A. Yes, the Bone Spur Wedge combines effective treatment for both 

Q. I have only problems on one foot, can I buy only one wedge?
A. No, the Bone Spur Wedge shall be used on both sides in order to avoid uneven load 

Q. What is the VEP material?
A. VEP stands for Viscoelastic Polymer and is a very stabile material with very high shock absorption, optimal to be used in these kind of products. 

Q. I need a very schock absorbing insole, is this the right one for me? 
A. No, we have other products that provides more shock absorption specific for the heel area. Look at our Tulis Heel or Multi Wedge for better alternative. 

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