Ankle Brace Active Ankle T2

Ankle Brace Active Ankle T2

Ankle Brace AA T2 one of the most popular ankle braces for all sports and activities Read more

  • The most used ankle brace ever
  • Unique construction with hinge
  • Optimal stability for a sprained ankle
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Active Ankle is one of the most appreciated and utilized ankle braces ever.
Active Ankle T2 is made of molded plastic and features a stabile hinge for maximum stability of an ankle after ankle sprains. 
The hinge creates optimal movement and very good stability at the same time.  

Active Ankle T2's unique construction allows usage in all types of shoes and does not require any extra space in your shoe.

Active Ankle provides good support on both the medial and lateral side of the ankle and can be used in all kinds of sports shoes.
Active Ankle has a lining made of PE foam with closed cells for best possible comfort and hygiene.

The lining provides an effective pressure relief and does not absorb sweat or water while in use which makes the ankle brace very easy to keep clean.
Active Ankle has a 5 cm wide strap that can be tightened to fixate the splints for optimal and effective stability of an injuried ankle. 
Active Ankle T2 is suited both for left or right ankle as well as for medial and lateral ligament injuries.

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