Ankle brace for optimal stability of an injuried ankle

Ankle Brace BOA – Optimal stability for sprained ankles

Ankle brace BOA is an anatomical designed ankle brace with optimal stability for a sprained ankle with a unique design for a glove like fit... Read more

  • Unique BOA closing system for a glove like fit
  • Ballistic Nylon for optimal durability
  • Lateral Ligament Stability for optimal lateral stability
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One of the most stable and innovative ankle braces on the market, developed to avoid sprained ankles during sports activites. 
BOA Ankle Brace

  • Optimal Stability – Support according to activity
  • Anatomical fit – Superior fit in line with the anatomy of the foot
  • BOA closure system – A perfect fit with the BOA fastening system
  • Lateral Ligament Stability – Stability where it is most needed

The BOA ankle brace is developed to provide optimal stability to an injuried or unstable ankle. The ankle brace is made of ballistic nylon with a rip-stop function which provides significant durability and stability. The thin material is completely rigid and allows for no movement when applied on the foot in order to achieve the best possible stabilization.
The ankle brace is constructed without stitches under the foot, which gives it a very low profile in shoes.The unique innovative BOA closure system consists of a customizing disk with a cassette in order easy achieve individual adjustments in size and compression in order to achieve optimal stability and customization in shape.  
The BOA lacing system is made from one piece of laces with very low friction mounted with an anatomical design to give the ankle optimal support and compression.
Due to the BOA system the brace is very easy to adjust and to change in terms of size and applied support over the injuried ankle. 
The result is an ankle protection that always fits perfectly and is easy to adjust for increased or decreased stabilizing effect.

Two individual extra stabilizing straps around the ankle give additional individual support for a sprained ankle.

The unique LLS Lateral Ligament System provides an unequaled stability, as if it was the natural joint in the foot.
LLS makes it possible to function normally in spite of reduced stability in the ankle. LLS can be adjusted to always deliver optimal stability to an injured ankle.
This brace can be used for sprained ankles with instability and swelling, ligament injuries in the ankle and instability caused by ankle fractures.

SizeCircumference Measure around your prominence of the ankle (cm)
X-Small25 - 28 cm
Small28 - 30.5 cm
Medium30.5 - 33 cm
Large33 - 35.5 cm
X-Large35.5 - 38 cm
XX-Large38 - 40.5 cm
Measurement instructions

Q. Can I use the BOA ankle brace in a tight socces shoe?
A. Yes, due to the very low profile the BOA ankle brace fits all shoes with laces as the brace is constructed with a short over the foot design. 

Q. Does the BOA brace has stabilizing stays on the outside of the foot? 
A. No, BOA ankel brace does not contain any stays but has the LLS, lateral ligamnet stability strap that give even more stability than a stay. The LLS can individually be adjusted to provide the right amount of stability over the right part of the ankle in order to give customized stability for a specific ligamnet injury. 

Q. Can I use the BOA on both left and right ankle? 
A. Yes, you can use the BOA ankle brace on both ankles left or right. 

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