Ankle Brace Wraptor

Wraptor Ankle Brace

The ankle brace that has it all – flexibility and optimal stability for a sprained ankle Read more

  • Extreme stability and low profile
  • Optimal individual adjustments
  • Speed Lace that enables fast, exact fit and adjustment
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The most stable and most innovative ankle brace on the market developed to effectively prevent twisting/spraining in demanding situations such as football, handball, volleyball.
Wraptor ankle brace is the next generation of ankle braces especially developed for optimal function, effective stabilization and easy application for ankle injuries such as ligament injury, sprains or twisting.
The ankle brace has a unique construction that combines all properties of the product for the best stability and flexibility. The two stabilizing straps of the ankle brace creates a so called heel lock which gives a unique individual stabilization of the heel and thereby the whole ankle. The two stabilizing straps are made of 100% non-flexible nylon that are effectively shaped around the ankle and when needed allows powerful stabilization of the inside and outside of the ankle. The construction of the stabilizing straps gives good stability that functions like the own ligaments of the foot and can easily be adjusted and fitted to give the right support over the right part of the ankle.
The figure 8 straps of the ankle support give additional support and stability. The figure 8 straps resemble the effects of taping the ankle but in a much easier way. 
The strap can be placed over any part of the foot to give individual stabilization. 

The combination and the placing of the extra stabilizing straps give one of the most stable and flexible ankle brace in one and the same support. 
The Wraptor ankle brace has a unique construction of Shark-Skin material placed on the inside of the ankle support just above the area affected by inner and outer ligament injury. 
Shark-skin is a material that attaches to the skin or the sock which gives very good stabilizing properties. This function is unique and exists only on the Wraptor. The ankle supports are made of extremely durable nylon for optimal wear and stability of shape. 
The lining is made of a so called Spacemesh a light material that transports the moisture away from the skin to create the best conditions for optimal wearer comfort. 

The ankle brace Wraptor is equipped with a unique lacing system Speed Lace that enables fast, exact fit and adjustment of the ankle support. Speed Lace is divided into a lower and upper section which allows for individual fit for different parts of the ankle support for best individual stabilization. 

SizeCircumference Measure around your prominence of the ankle (cm)
X-Small25 - 28 cm
Small28 - 30 cm
Medium30 - 33 cm
Large33 - 36 cm
X-Large36 - 39 cm
Fits both Left and RIght footChoose the smaller size if you are between sizes
Measurement instructions

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